Target groups

The definition of the terms Unemployed, Vulnerable social benefit recipients and Sick-listed are described below, including possible sub-categories for each of the target groups.


Under the Unemployed category, you can select All unemployed, Insured unemployed and/or Non-insured unemployed.

For each of these target groups, you can select the following sub-categories:

  • Short-term unemployed
  • Long-term unemployed

The target group is defined as short-term unemployed if the length of unemployment for the target group is 12 months or less. Long-term unemployment is defined by a length of unemployment exceeding 12 months.

The All unemployed target group is relevant if you want to find the job effect for both insured and non-insured unemployed, whereas Insured unemployed and Non-insured unemployed target groups are relevant if you want to view unemployed individuals who are either insured or non-insured.

Insured unemployed is the group of unemployed individuals assessed to be closest to the labour market, as this group has recently been in employment or completed education. The non-insured unemployed consists of the group of unemployed without an unemployment insurance, but who are assessed capable of working an ordinary job.


Vulnerable social benefit recipients 

At the category Vulnerable social benefit recipients you can select Vulnerable social benefit recipients.

The category is relevant, if you wish to find the job effect for the target group of people who are both non-insured and not readily available for the labour market.

This target group consists of people whom the job centre has deemed unfit for an ordinary job. In Denmark, this encompasses non-insured unemployed examined as unfit for the labour market. Additionally, this also counts for unemployed who are temporarily passive, because they are assessed to have serious issues preventing them from working or participating in an employment-focused intervention with active interventions.



Under the Sick-listed category, you can select All sick-listed, Sick-listed from unemployment and Sick-listed from employment. For each of the three groups, it is possible to select the sub-categories:

  • Mild mental illness
  • Severe mental illness
  • Physical disorders

"Mild mental illness" includes anxiety, depression and stress, whereas "Severe mental illness" includes personality disorders. "Physical disorders" include musculoskeletal disorders and cancer.

The All sick-listed target group is relevant if you want to find the job effect for individuals sick-listed from employment and from unemployment, whereas the Sick-listed from employment and Sick-listed from unemployment target groups are relevant if you want to view sick-listed individuals who are either close to the labour market or far from the labour market. 

*Please note, studies and study results on the target group "sick-listed" are not accessible before the third quarter of 2021.