How can be used? is useful to gain an overview of existing knowledge about labour market effects. The sections below describe how you can use if you are a researcher, a student, a government official, politician, journalist or a practitioner.

Researcher or student

As a researcher or a student, you can use to find out what we currently know and don’t know about effects of the labour market intervention. Furthermore, by using the study search function, you can find out which central studies have been conducted for a given intervention or a target group. For example, this may be useful if, as a student, you are writing an assignment within the labour market area. Moreover, as a researcher and as a student, you can contribute to our common knowledge base by uploading your own suggestions for studies that you think should be included in the knowledge bank.

Government official, politician and journalist

As a government official, politician or journalist you can use to compare the effects of various interventions for different target groups. By searching for a job effect, you can see which interventions have an effect on different target groups, and the strength of evidence for a given conclusion about an effect. This makes it quick and easy to confirm whether or not an intervention has an effect on a given target group. Additionally, you can search for studies contributing to a conclusion for a particular target group and intervention.


As a practitioner, you can use to gain an overview of which interventions have an effect on various target groups.