Privacy policy

The Agency of Labour Market and Recruitment prioritizes data security and always processes, stores and discloses personal information as accordance with the applicable rules and recommendations. is a website under the Danish Agency for Labor Market and Recruitment.

The Danish Agency for Labor Market and Recruitment processes all registered personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Danish Data Protection Act as well as good data processing practices, including the ISO 27001 security standard and recommendations from the Center for Cyber Security. The standard helps to ensure that we have a systematic and targeted approach to safeguarding all data and personal information. The EU Data Protection Regulation sets requirements for our security level. In data processing agreements with our suppliers, we can ensure that they also have the appropriate security measures in place.

If you are a registered user on, you are registered with name, email and possibly organization. The website does not handle other types of personal data.

In some cases, the agency entrusts collected personal data to our data processors. In such cases, the Agency has entered into data processing agreements with our data processors to ensure that the individual data processor has, among other things, undertaken to comply with the security requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and to act solely on the instructions of the Agency. The data processor is also obliged to delete, anonymize or destroy all personal data when the relevant investigation or other form of processing is completed. This ensures that it is subsequently not possible to identify individuals who are included in e.g. surveys.

What rights do you have?

When we have your personal data in our system, you are then registered as a user. As a registered user, you have a number of rights that the agency as data controller must be able to fulfill.
You have the right to:

  • Insight - you have the right to know what information we have on you at any time.
  • Rectification - you have the right to ask us to correct information that is incorrect or misleading.
  • Restriction - if your information is incorrect, we wll stop using your information until the information is corrected. In some cases, you can alsoask us to stop using your data. If we have shared your data, you can also request that we inform the recipients to do the same.
  • Erasure - in general you have the right to have your information deleted. However as a public authority, we can not normally delete the data due to special rules in the Danish Public Access to Information Act and the Danish Archives Act.
  • Objection - if you do not believe we have a reason to use your personal data, you also have the right to tell us.
  • Data portability - you generally have the right to receive a copy of your data in a machine-readable format that you can give to another data controller. However, this right does not apply when we use the data in our work as a public authority, but may be relevant, for example, if the basis for processing is a contract between the data controller and a data subject.

EU Protection Regulation and your rights (new window)

Contact information

You can always contact us if you have any questions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal information:

  • By e-mail:
  • By phone: 72 21 74 00
  • By mail: The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment, Vermundsgade 38, 2100 København Ø

Data protection officer (DPO)

You also have the option of contacting the Ministry of Employment's Data Protection Officer (DPO) directly. For example, you may need further guidance than we can provide, or you may experience circumstances regarding the processing of your personal data that you think the DPO should know about. You can contact our DPO in the following ways:

  • By e-mail:
  • By phone: +45 72 20 50 00 (ask to speak with the DPO)
  • By mail: The Ministry of Employment, Holmens Kanal 20, 1060 Copenhagen K, Att: Data Protection Officer.
  • If you wish to send secure digital mail to the DPO, you should send an email to the Ministry of Employment through e-Boks on Write Att: Data Protection Officer in the subject field.

We want to take good care of your information. Regular emails are not encrypted. We suggest that you send a message as digital mail from e-Boks or if your inquiry contains, for example, private information or a civil registration number. Here, you can choose the Ministry of Employment as the recipient.